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Application Thingy..

Right...so I posted this is someone's comments thingy but I'll post it again here...just becuz I think I posted it in the wrong spot...sorry about that if I did!


okay well 1st i have no idea how to get a layout on my journal but heres my request thingy...if i did something wrong u can tell me! and half of it i dont get so yeah...

*Layout Request Form*

--current livejournal style: generator
--page translations: i don't kno what this is...
--browser title: xo Sprite's Journal ox
--Background IMAGE: http://www.cdaccess.com/gifs/images/pinkpan1.gif (it's not that big so maybe it could be bigger...and maybe more so u can see it when it'a on my journal?)
--Background COLOR: pink
--scrollbar: baby blue, hot pink or pink, and lime...
--font: tahoma
--font size: uhh...12?
--text-align: justify or center
--font color: hot pink or just pink
--cursor: i dont kno...default? i have no clue what they look like...
--link colors: magenta...uhh hot pink? kinda like my journal
--entry alignment: center
--entry border: solid?
--border size: uhm...7?
--border color: baby blue
--comments links: symbol:a heart words: [the # of comments should say however many comments are] and the comment thing itself where it says post comment should say, think pink
--entries per page: 30

okay so yeah...i still don't kno what all this is so if something doesn't look right, u can change the colors as long as they're lime, pink or hot pink, baby blue, or magenta. thanks...

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