GaBbY (ask_gabby) wrote in layouts_4you,

--current livejournal style: generator
--page translations: i'm not sure what this means...
--browser title: Mofos Rule
--Background IMAGE: i don't have an exact picture, but could you do something related to the band yellowcard? that would be my first choice. but chad michael murray and usher would be okay too.
--Background COLOR: whatever goes well with the picture
--scrollbar: it should be the same color as the background, except darker
--font size: 10
--text-align: left
--font color: black, or whatever goes well with the background
--cursor: default
--link colors: blue, or whatever goes best with the layout
--entry alignment: left
--entry border: solide
--border size: 1
--border color: black
--comments links: could you make it so the center image is a heart? the comment link would say [number of comments] Mofo(s) (heart) Be A Mofo
--entries per page: 20

also, could you make it so the entries were transparent? and for the links, could you do something like lj user xiaobenben? thank you so much in advance!!!

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