Open Up My Eager Eyes (roxyme) wrote in layouts_4you,
Open Up My Eager Eyes


hey, i was wondering if anyone could make me a header?
i just want it to be my username, roxyme, but in a kinda cursivey bubbly letters, color #CC0000. i would like the border to be black. thanks in advance!
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do you know the name of the font? and do you want just your username w/ a white background? just tell me that stuff and i`ll get started on it<33
umm, i think the font is called cheri, but i'm not sure. a white background would be great. thanx again!
sorry and also for the links for userinfo and calender, umm i guess they can just go under the name. thanx
oo i found it, cheri liney thats what its called. thanx again lol. :)
ok thanx.. no problem =] also, what do you mean bye the userinfo and calendar?
is black writing ok?
ya thats fine, thanx again.
here you go.. i hope its not too plain. if you want any changes to it feel free to just ask =]

thank you its wonderful!