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Layout Request Please.... :)

--current livejournal style: (generator, tabular indent, default, etc…)  Generator
--page translations: provide the number for the page transition you'd like to use.  #12- Random Dissolve
--browser title: (example, currently at this journal, the browser title says '*_LayOuts_4yOu_*')  *Pieces Of Me*
--Background IMAGE: (link to image, AND where do you want it to appear on your journal, or leave this blank if you want no image)


i would like that pic to take up the whole screen please
--Background COLOR: This is not your entry background color. The background color element is for the background underneith your background image. white if the pic cant take up the whole screen
--scrollbar: Do you want me to customize your scrollbar to match your journal? Provide colors if you can. i would like the colors to be light pinks and white
--font: (choose from examples or pick one of your own)  verdana
--font size: 10pt
--text-align: justify, right, left, or center left i guess
--font color:  pink
--cursor: [examples: crosshair, nw-resize, default,ect.] crosshair
--link colors: pinks, and when you hover i want them to glow with a black background please
--entry alignment: (where your entries: left, right, center) right, above the records, next to ashlee in the pic
--entry border: (example: solid, dashed, dotted or double) dotted
--border size:(1 thru 10, 10 being the thickest)  4~ish
--border color:  light pink
--comments links: (what do you want your comments links to say? 
 To Read: # Think They Kno Me  To Comment: You Think You Know Me?

Any image you want between them? Link the image you want, or what symbol [example: | - + o () *] http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v153/x_oheathero_x/heartside.gif but could you erase the box around it?? if possible
--entries per page: specify how many entries per page you would like. choose between 1 and 50 - 20
--entry width: give a percent umm....i dont really kno what this means, but i guess like 50% if thats not huge
--do you want your entries in a scrollbox, or just how it is? how it is but i want the pic to be fixed, not repeat

*and anything else you want, just tell me specifically =]* 

I think thats it!! If you need to contact me you can email me (sweetluvbug88@yahoo.com) or talk to me on AIM (Xxheather519), or you could comment in my journal!!

I will be soooo grateful if you could do this for me!!!

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