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Application =]

--current livejournal style: Punquin elegant
--page translations: #12

--browser title: *Shining Star*

--Background IMAGE: http://okemos.k12.mi.us/users/wardcliff/art/star%20background.gif

^^ that one repeated or....


^^ that one repeated or....


^^ That one in the top right corner or....

I Have posted a comment asking about the Strawberry Capary layout so whichever one you think would look best....

--Background COLOR: White if the pic cant take up the whole screen.... But i would like it too....

--scrollbar: Do you want me to customize your scrollbar to match your journal? Yes please.... Colours to match my journal

--font: Verdana

--font size: 10pt

--text-align: Left

--font color: Any to match the background

--cursor: A funky one

--link colors: Match background.... And when you hover over them can you make the glow please??

--entry alignment: Right please

--entry border: Double

--border size: 4~ish

--border color: To match the background you pick

--comments links: # Laughed.. Join them ??

--entries per page: 30

--entry width: Normal size.... Not too small though.... I guess big enough to fit everything in

--do you want your entries in a scrollbox, or just how it is? How it is please

*and anything else you want, just tell me specifically =]*

Ermm... Well i want it to be individual...

I wouldn't mind that Strawberry Capary one if you can make the entry box big enough to fit everything in :]

!!! Thank you !!!
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