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--current livejournal style:Generator
--page translations: ?
--browser title: Take my breath away
--Background IMAGE:
--Background COLOR:red
--scrollbar: red and black
--font: Arial
--font size: 8
--text-align: center
--font color: black
--cursor: Help
--link colors: black
--entry alignment: right
--entry border: double
--border size: 2
--border color: black
--comments links: Take my breath away and can I have this |in between.
--entries per page: 10
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yeah sure.. do you want for your comments " # | take me breath away" ? page translations are when like you click on the userinfo or something and it fades away to that page, its kinda hard to explain. lol. anyways i`ll get to it =]
oh and if you have aim or aol you can give my ur password to do the layout. or you can email email is
Okay and yes I want the comment like that.

My AOL name is butterflycharmsx.
did you get my email?